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Do you like cats?

Here is how our team of artists interpreted “Felix”. Which one do you like best?

By the way these are all cute brooches at 85 euros including post and pack.

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Things You May Not Know About Crystal

Crystal either comes  as rock crystal, from the mountains, or is man made. Rock crystal does not lend itself to cutting and polishing. Many attempts have been unsuccessful. No brilliance, poor refraction and generally too many inclusions.

Man made crystal is essentially high quality glass with noble ingredients to ensure once cut, faceted and polished the brilliance, optical purity and light refraction has the appearance of natural stones. In the past, lead oxide was added to soften the glass and increase the spectral effect. Today, the use of heavy metals is unwelcome, most manufactures have replaced lead oxide.

Precision cut, polished crystal stones visually resemble diamonds but their cost enables jewellery and accessory manufacturers to use them freely. Cut crystal stones originated in the Czech Republic, at first cut by hand and later by mechanical means.

The first mass application dates back to late 1800, when during the “Belle Epoque” they where lavishly used by Parisian designers and in the Revues such as the Moulin Rouge.

Welcome to the blog!

Welcome to the Somogyi Paris Blog. Did you know that? Well obviously you couldn’t have known but here is the latest. Crystal Mosaics is what we have been doing for the last 8 years, the materials we worked in. We thought it could become a brand but we no longer think this will happen. So we decided instead of saying what we do, we should say who we are. We are Somogyi Paris, a team of creative artists. From now on you will be able to look at our new website and other media from Somogyi Paris. This is where news and information regarding all things crystal will be. We are planning to give you loads of interesting information, to do with us and also to do with what we do so watch out for posts with interesting facts, interviews with the team and client testimonials and watch out, because you might appear!